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Category: Meeting Notes

Committee Meeting, May 21, 2019

The following were in attendance:

Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Martha Brand, Barbara Gorman, Herbie Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, Nicole John, Tara Hampton, Chris Hayden, Mary Ellen Yeomans, Maureen Scoggin and Michele Salas


  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • June 1 – scouts needed to help setup Church for closed pod training (8:00 – 8:30)
    • June 10 – Troop PLC meeting 6:45
    • June 16-22 – Summer Camp
      17 scouts committed
      Roger Brand and Daniel Fulcher will attend the entire week.
      Bobby Bradford will attend 1st half of the week and Chris Cox will attend 2nd half of the week.
      Cost: Scout $375 (BSA cost $340 + 2 t-shirts + transportation) Adults $165
    • July 13-15 – Camp out with Flour wars + activities
      Family camping, cost $2, will have scout grub master, families cook for themselves
      McFarland Nature Park, Marietta, GA
    • August 3 – Scout picnic at Riverside Pavillion (Herbie will be the grill master)
    • August 24 – Watermania
      15 Reservations; 11 slots filled
      Registration: $21 youth; $5 adult
      Swim checks are available on Saturday from 2:30 – 4 at Mountain View Aquatics
    • Merit Badge Clinic – possible dates: November 9 or December 14
    • Aviation Merit Badge – need minimum of 5 scouts
      Two day event: Day 1 – book work; Day 2 – meet at airport
      Cost: $15
      Sara will look into available dates and times
  • Fundraising – Tara Hampton
    • June 9 – donut/coffee sales at church
    • Need to decide if we are going to sell poinsettias or look into going back to selling Christmas trees

  • Philmont – Mark Fulcher
    • June 9 – June 23
    • 4 scouts and Mark Fulcher will be going with Troop 597
    • Martha Brand is still working with Philmont on reimbursement for cancelled reservation
    • Prep hikes are in progress
  • Other Notes
    • There will be a spotlight article in the bulletin
    • The Pack will be doing a recruitment night. Question was asked if Troop would like to participate.

Committee Meeting, April 16, 2019

The following were in attendance:

Roger Brand, Barbara Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, Nicole John, Tara Hampton, Chris Hayden, Misty Wright,  Maureen Scoggin, Martha Brand and Michele Salas


  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • New Scout Campout Allatoona Aquatics
      16 scouts attended (3 new scouts)
    • May 15 – Swim Checks
      Mountain View Aquatics – 2650 Gordy Parkway, Marietta, GA
      6:30 PM
      Scouts need to complete for Summer Camp
      Swim checks are also necessary for Merit Badges held at Allatoona Aquatics Base and Watermania in August
    • May 18 – Mountain Biking (start Merit badge)
    • June 16-22 – Summer Camp
      13 scouts committed
      Roger Brand will attend the entire week.
      One adult will attend half week.
      Still need additional adults to attend summer camp.
      Cost: Scout $375 (BSA cost $340 + 2 t-shirts + transportation) Adults $165
    • May 25 – AM – Flag Placement – Marietta National Cemetery
    • May 25 – PM – Flag Retirement and cook-out
    • July 13-15 – Camp out with Flour wars + activities
      McFarland Nature Park, Marietta, GA
    • August 3 – Scout picnic at Riverside Pavillion
    • August 24 – Watermania
      Registration: $21 youth; $5 adult
    • Merit Badge Clinic – possible dates: November 9 or December 14
    • Aviation Merit Badge – need minimum of 5 scouts
      Two day event: Day 1 – book work; Day 2 – meet at airport
      Cost: $15
      Sara will look into available dates and times
  • Fundraising – Tara Hampton
    • Camp cards
      10 scouts sold camp cards.
      166 cards sold
    • Donut sales – scouts earned $8 per shift.
    • Pinestraw – still waiting on some scouts to turn in money

  • Philmont – Mark Fulcher
    • We were able to drop 5 of the 12 spots reserved
      3 of the 5 were dropped for medical reasons
      2 of the 5 we will lose our deposit
    • 3 scouts and 1 adult signed up to go to Philmont
    • Still looking scouts/adults to fill remaining spots – Deadline to pay is April 30
    • Prep hikes are in progress
  • Meetings
    • April 22 – no meeting

  • Eagle News
    • Gabe Daniel’s Eagle Board of Review is scheduled for April 24
    • Eagle workbook is now available on Troop 75’s website.
    • Pedrojuan Solano’s Eagle ceremony rescheduled for May 24
    • DJ Peyroux, Joseph Babish, Braden Mizell and Jonathan Sanderford are working Eagle Project paperwork

  • Website
    • Add information regarding dues to the website
      $185 Scout
      $45 Eagle Scout
      $50 Scouts crossing over

  • Health Forms
    • Misty is working on getting new health forms for those about to expire

January 17th, 2019 Committee meeting

Troop 75
Committee Meeting, January 17, 2019

The following were in attendance:
Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Barbara Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, James Blaesing, Nicole John, Tara Hampton, Mary Ellen Yeomans, Chris Hayden and Michele Salas

Outings – Barbara Gorman
Merit Badge recap
Scouts from 18 different troops attend, the farthest being Peachtree City
76 scouts attended
24 scouts were from Troop 75
Donations from clinic totaled $1100.00
1/25 – 1/26/2019 – Escalade lock-in, 20 scouts signed up
2/1 – 2/3/2019 – Caving – Howards Waterfall Cave with camping at Cloudland Canyon., 6 scouts signed up
2/9/2019 – Scout Mass
2/10/2019 – Disability Awareness Merit Badge, 3 scouts signed up
The Cooler, 10800 Davis Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30009
5:30 – 7:30
During scout breakout on 2/4, scouts will work on prerequisites
3/22 – 3/23/2019 – Scout Challenge, Bert Adams
$ 51 per scout includes registration, food and transportation
$32 per adult
4/12 – 4/14/2019 – New Scout camp out – Allatoona
Older scouts will arrive on 4/12
New scouts will arrive on 4/13 in the AM.
Return on 4/14 at 9AM
6/16 – 6/22/2019 – Summer Camp
$375 includes food
$175 for adults

Fundraising – Tara Hampton
Camp cards will be available for pickup on February 2
Pine straw sales
Purchase price of bales is $3.75.
We will sell the bales for $4.75.
Scout/Troop breakdown is $0.75 Scout/$0.25 troop
Church will purchase 500 bales and scouts will spread the pine straw.
Tara will send out Sign-up Genius for scouts to assist in spreading pine straw.
Dates to sell at church are Feb. 3, 10 and 24
Sara will request tables for sale dates
3/11/2019 – Last day to place orders
3/16/2019 – Pine straw pick up 9 – 12 AM
Barbara will take care of putting announcement in bulletin and adding flyers

Philmont –
5 scouts from Troop 75 and 2-3 adults from Troop 75
No response from 1776 to fill remaining spots

Other Topics
Seabase 2020 – Keys Adventure
7 people signed up.
May 28 – June 3, 2020.
Cost: $950.00 + travel expenses

Pack Crossover – February 25
7 boys from the Pack – Troop will purchase neckerchief, epilets and troop number
5 girls from another Pack will participate in the crossover (Kess will take care of above purchases for the girls)

New Parent Meeting – March 4
Discuss at next Committee Meeting what we want to provide to new parents and how we want to present various Troop information to the parents

Bobby ordered 2 dozen neckerchiefs
Will look into ordering t-shirts for new scouts

OA Elections – January 28
What OA (Order of the Arrow) is about: For over 100 years, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. Arrowmen are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long term resident camping, and providing cheerful service to others. OA service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich and help to extend Scouting to America’s youth.
Link to Membership Requirements:
Scouts that qualify for OA Elections: Ethan, DJ and Liam

Committee Meeting, December 12, 2018

The following were in attendance:

Ken Williams, Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Barbara Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, James Blaesing, Nicole John, Tara Hampton, Mark Fulcher, Peter Larson, Simon LeGood, Misty Wright and Michele Salas


  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • 12/15 – Merit Badge Clinic at Transfiguration
      53 scouts registered/paid
      Emergency Preparedness AM class was canceled due to lack of participants.
      Insect Studies was also canceled due to lack of participants.

8:30 – 8:55 register
8:55 flag ceremony
9:00 – 11:45 First session
11:45 – 12:25 Lunch break
12:30 – 3:15 Second Session

  • 1/26 – 1/27/2019 – Escalade lock-in
  • 2/1 – 2/2/2019 – Caving (location to be determined)
  • 2/9/2019 – Scout Mass
  • 2/16/2019 – University of Scouting (age limit 14)
    The University of Scouting is THE place to be! With more than 60 classes to choose from that range from the beginning leader/Cub Scout parent to Boy Scout leader/veteran Venture Crew advisor, or a youth in a leadership role, you are assured of finding the help you are looking for! University of Scouting is a one day supplemental training that offers everything from the most basic Leader Specific training to more advanced sessions. This year will feature lots of new and exciting classes designed to help you, the unit leader, take your unit to the next level of program.
  • Feb/Mar – Disability Awareness clinic/hockey game
  • Fundraising – Tara Hampton
    • Camp cards will be available at the end of January.
      Sales will go into April
    • Pine straw sales
      Purchase price of bales went up 10 cents → $3.75 a bale
      We will sell the bales for $4.75 (is that correct)
      Scout/Troop percent of profit still needs to be determined
      Church will purchase 500 bales and scouts will spread the pine straw.
      Roger will work on getting approval for this.

  • Philmont – Mark Fulcher
    • We have 12 spots available
    • 5 scouts from Troop 75 and 2-3 adults from Troop 75
    • Roger Brand will contact Troop 1776 to fill remaining spots
    • Mark Fulcher will work on setting up a schedule for prep hikes

  • Other Topics
    • Seabase 2020?
      • Nicole John has volunteered to research and provide two available options for a Seabase trip.
      • Will try and send an email out prior to our next Committee meeting to get an idea on interest.

    • Gym Games
      • Request the gym be locked prior to scout meeting, so no scouts are able to wander in unsupervised.
      • Also need to insure there are 2 adults in the gym when scouts are present.

Also need to monitor the number of balls available when playing games
i.e. if the scouts are playing basketball only basketballs should be out. Do not allow scouts to bring out volleyballs or any other type of balls in the closet.

Committee Meeting – Sep 12, 2018

Committee Meeting, September 12, 2018


The following were in attendance:

Ken Williams, Bobby Bradford, roger Brand, Michele Salas, Barbara Gorman, Tara Hampton, Sarah Blaesing, Nicole John, Christine Peyroux, Kim Korpi, Mary Ellen Yeomans and Chris Hayden

Scout Master



  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • Cloudland Canyon camping trip has been postponed
    • No October Outing
    • Dates open for Webelos meet and greet – 10/1 and 10/15
      Pack 75 has confirmed for 10/1
      Another Pack expressed interest in visiting 10/1, but needs to confirm with Webelo’s Den Leaders
    • 10/6 – Fall Festival/Weed Pulling Service project
      The church has requested for the Troop to assist with set up/clean up for the Fall Festival
      Fernando has requested for the Troop to also assist with pulling weeds.
    • 10/13 – Merit Badge University available at KSU, 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM
    • 10/22 – Vocations with Fr. Fred
    • 11/9 – 11/11 – Camporall at Woodruff
    • 11/18 – Orienteering/Hiking Cooking campout
    • 11/30 – 12/1 – Christmas Tree Lock In/Campout
    • 12/10 – Court of Honor


  • Treasurer – Scott Gee
    A check for approximately $700 dollars was cut for Troop 2319 for advancement fees


  • Fundraising – Tara
    • Nothing new with donut sales
    • Camp Card sales will start in February
    • Pine straw sales – Roger Brand will talk to Father Fernando about selling pine straw at the church.
      In the past, we have ordered from Pine Straw King (pricing pay $3.86 a bale/charge $4.50)
      Flyers need to go in bulletin in mid-January. Need to talk to Renee about getting flyers inserted into the bulletin.
    • Christmas tree sales – Chris Lorenz/Todd King have already made contact with the vendor.


  • Chaplain – Mary Ellen Yeomans
    • Mary Ellen Yeomans has volunteered to work on Scouting’s Journey to Excellence for the Troop.
      Journey to Excellence per is the BSA’s planning, performance and recognition program designed to encourage and reward the success of our units, districts and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.
    • Michele Salas is working on getting all registered adults to complete update YPT Training.
  • Christine Peyroux – Advancement Coordinator
    • Christine will contact the boys who missed the Court of Honor to check on their status with the Troop.
  • Other Topics
    • Merit Badge Clinic at Transfiguration
      FLC is reserved on 12/15 from 8AM – 5PM
      Barbara Gorman/Christine Peyroux have volunteered to look into fees/concessions for this event.
    • Recharter packets were not available yet.
      Council will start accepting recharter packets November 1.
    • Philmont – still in need of scout to fill spots for Philmont

Committee Meeting- October 15, 2018

Troop 75

Committee Meeting, October 15, 2018


The following were in attendance:

Ken Williams, Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Michele Salas, Barbara Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, Nicole John, Mary Ellen Yeomans, Chris Hayden, and Misty Wright


  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • Orienteering at Sope Creek – Sunday, October 21st 2-6pm. Located off Paper Mill (GPS COORDINATES 33.937600, -84.44300 // N33 56.256 W84 26.580). Scouts will work on Orienteering skills. This is drop off/ pick up event at Sope Creek. If a parent chooses to stay, there is a $5/car parking fee. Scout to bring a water bottle, snack, scout book, blue card, orienteering workbook, compass, dress appropriately. The permission slip was attached to an email sent by Barbara Gorman.
    • 10/22 – Vocations with Fr. Fred
    • 11/9 – 11/11 – Camporall at Woodruff
      $33/scout, Deadline to register is October 22nd. Permission form (corrected from the previous email) is attached. We are hosting Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub scouts at this campout.
    • 11/30 – 12/1 – Poinsettia Lock In/Campout
    • 12/10 – Court of Honor
    • 12/15 – Merit Badge Clinic at Transfiguration
  • Treasurer – Scott Gee
    Check in the amount of $428 was made to Troop 2319 to pay for website
    Payment made to reserve slots for Philmont
  • Fundraising – information provided by Barbara Gorman
    • We will be selling Poinsettia’s in lieu of Christmas Trees and Wreaths this year. Details and order forms will be handed out next Troop meeting October 22nd. This should be a great fundraiser for scouts to earn money toward their scout accounts.
      We will be using Fundraise with Flowers
      They offer red, white, pink or marble
      6″ pot that MSRP of $12, profit of $4.80 ($4/scout, .80/Troop)
      8″ MSRP of $20, profit $8 ($7/scout, $1 troop)
      We’d need to sell 70 small pots to receive free shipping, otherwise, we’d pay $90 delivery which eats into profits.
      We’d have to place order November 19th for delivery on Nov 30.
      It’s delivered on their truck of which we’d have to store them someplace
      Need to get information in the bulletin, flyers printed for scouts, and reserve tables to sell after upcoming masses. Looking for table sales at Nov 3/4, Nov 10/11 (Camperall) and Nov. 17/18.
      Scout’s personal orders need to be in on Monday, November 12.
  • Chaplain – Mary Ellen Yeomans
    • Mary Ellen suggested a copy of each scout’s Health Form be kept at the Church at all times.
  • Christine Peyroux – Advancement Coordinator
  • Other Topics
    • Looking for Merit Badge counselors for Merit Badge Clinic to be held at Transfiguration
      FLC on 12/15 from 8AM – 5PM

Committee Meeting – August 8, 2018

Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


  • Bobby Bradford
  • Mark Fulcher
  • Roger Brand
  • Kim Korpi
  • Sarah Blaesing
  • Chris Hayden
  • Misty Wright
  • Mary Ellen Yeomans
  • Barbara Gorman
  • Herbie Gorman
  • Tara Hampton
  • Ken Williams

Committee was not aware that a scout from another troop (Gabe Adams) attended Woodruff with our scouts. Scout left camp early due to illness, mother is inquiring about a refund. Mother is also looking for a lost item – red canvas hammock.


Misty Wright will take over the Health/Safety position.

She would also like a Health/Safety helper. Please let her or Bobby Bradford know if you are interested in helping with this position.


Troop training was brought up at the meeting.

Only 35 % of the troop is trained.

60% of the ASMs are trained

2/3 of the Committee members are trained.

Chris Hayden mentioned there is Virtus Training on August 27.

Troop Committee Training available online –


  • Question about the age requirement for ASMs was brought up – do they need to be 21?
    • Per Ken Williams an ASM does not need to be 21.
    • However for all scout events there must be two (2) registered member of the troop present.
  • Question was brought up on whether the by-laws need to be reviewed.
  • Suggestions about the Troop’s website:
    • Website needs to be owned by the Troop
    • Committee Chair and Webmaster should have access to the password.
    • Simon LeGood is the Webmaster.
    • Suggestion that Sarah Blaesing be his back up.
    • Add to the Scribe position the ability for the youth to help with the website – make available digital copies of the merit badge books made available online.
    • Make Committee notes available on the website under Parent’s tab
  • Report from Tara regarding Fundraising
    • Popcorn sales will be done online.
    • Contacted Chick-fil-a for fundraising opportunities, but have not heard back from them.
    • Need to start working on fliers and bulletin entry for Christmas tree sales.
    • Ken Williams indicated we need to submit a fundraising form to the council – provide copy to Tara.
  • Kim Korpi – Blue Cards/Drivers
    • Kelli Tracy provides Kim with a list of available drivers
    • Procedure for becoming a Driver:
      • Parent fills out form with car info/insurance
      • Forms are given to Linda and she sends email to parent to take Virtus training.
  • Troop is in need of a Training Coordinator
  • Upcoming Troop events:
    • August 20 – Family Tubing – evite sent out by Barb Gorman
    • August 27 – Camp Westin – Flour wars
      • Request for Micah Salas be the grub master for the Adults on this campout – approved
    • Camperall is coming up – look at inviting Packs to visit our troop. Available dates for Pack visits are September 17 and October 1.
    • Leadership roles will be announced on Monday, August 20.
    • Voting will be done on Monday, August 27.


Parent/Leader Meeting – July 16, 2018

TROOP 75                                            PARENT/LEADER MEETING                                  July 16, 2018


Concern/Question Response/Action
Adults: What positions are covered/available?  Provide description of each position. Pack leader has shared how they post these to their parents.  Committee (Bobby Bradford) will look at implementing.
Scouts positions:  What are they?

Who’s serving and length of term

Description of positions

Leadership positions and descriptions are in the Scout Handbook.  The terms are six months.

Roger will look at how to post who is serving.

Safety:  Safety of Scouts during breakouts

What in Scout:adult ratio for activities?

Adult supervision is very important going forward.


10:2 for first ten Scouts; rule of thumb is 10:1 for every additional ten Scouts (mandatory, for example, in case of Aquatics.)  Depends on event and maturity of Scouts involved.

For more on safety, please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting:

Roger suggested ASM’s tour other troops to see how they run. Roger has since visited another well-running troop and visited with its seasoned Scoutmaster.
Communication:  Weekly e-mails to parents; details are important.

Send SPL announcements to parents after each meeting.

It may be overwhelming; but it may be necessary for now while the troop settles.

Possible duty for Scribe (Scout) to give to Troop Secretary. Acting SPLs have been sending them out.

Committee Meeting:

Parents would like to be better informed of committee activities.

Parents are invited to attend any/all committee meetings, on the second Wednesday of the month, at 7:30pm, in rm. 107 of the main building.
Parent binders: did newest parents get one from Mary Ellen?  May need updates.  Do we have extras? Mrs. Yeomans did not make copies this year; she was told  that all materials would be posted on the website.  Additionally, some of the information changes frequently and not printing would be economical and environmentally friendly.  She will look again for electronic copies to supply to the Webmaster for posting.  ME has given a hard copy of the latest version to Roger.
Scout Accounts? Per Bobby at meeting, bylaws state:  Scout accounts aren’t “returned” but must be spent and reimbursed.
MB Counselor list on Website for parents/Scouts to have access.  Maybe include paper copy in binder? Especially now, list of MB counselors is fluid; we have some leaving and more registering.  Kim Korpi will bring a list to each meeting.  Scouts should be encouraged to ask her for input.


Troop Committee meeting on 7/11/2018

Notes from Troop Committee meeting on 7/11/2018

  • Mark – Set expectations on a “new” goal for the troop. To be a boy run troop that allows them to grow and develop into eagles.
  • Mark – announced Rodger as interim scout master for next week.
  • Group – Discussed that a few of the kids are stepping away from the troop including the SPL (Scorpio), several are willing to step up and fill in where needed.
  • Group – discussed some of the issues in the past with eagles not being allowed to mentor the younger scouts.
  • Motion to “regroup” the patrols starting in September – Motion passed
    • Question about new scouts – Will new scouts have their own patrol for the first year?
    • Answer/Preference from Mark – Would prefer to group them with older scouts and then do breakouts for younger scouts as needed.
  • James Blessing – expressed concerns with the younger scouts and how they have not previously been included with the older scouts, and that we need to keep in mind that we need to be mindful of that during the integration process.
    • Mark spoke to the concern and explained how them being involved with the older scouts is extremely beneficial.
  • Who are the current ASMs?
    • Unknown – there are several that have not formal announced that they are leaving, but Mark and Bobby have not polled everyone as of this meeting.
  • How is this going to be discussed with the boys?
    • Idea is that Rodger (Acting Scout Master) will speak with the boys and give them an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Question – Are we still moving forward with the outings that are currently on the calendar?
    • Yes – we will continue to move forward, we have enough leaders to cover what is needed for currently planned trips/lock ins.
  • Discussed outings and how it would be nice to see not only the next 120 days but also to be able to see a 3 year plan penciled in with outings that we normally do certain months (June – woodruff, march – Webelo woods)
  • Concerns about planning for Filmont trip this year.
    • We will start prepping the boys, however starting in January.
  • Concerns about how we are going to present this to the boys and what the plan is for the next few months.
  • Committee members are the only ones that can-do boards of review. Non-ASMs not all parents are committee members.
  • No Bullying – refer to YPT
  • All leaders and parents must take YPT because it is new and must be completed prior to October or leaders will be dropped.
  • All equipment belongs to the Charter organization not individuals or to the unit.
  • Scouting is co-ed and females can be ASMs
  • If a parent wants to attend an outing more than 72 hours they must be a registered adult with the BSA.
  • Need people to signup for Donuts and Coffee.
  • Mark’s phone number – 404-784-2797 –