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Committee Meeting, July 16, 2019

Troop 75

Committee Meeting, July 16, 2019

The following were in attendance:

Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Martha Brand, Barbara Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, Nicole John, Tara Hampton, Chris Hayden, Mary Ellen Yeomans, Simon Legood, Heather Babish, Alex Garcia, Christine Peyroux and Michele Salas


  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • Summer Camp
      17 boys attend
      Boys completed most of the merit badges. Some were missing their First Aid kits.
      Received a ribbon for attend Woodruff for the last 30 years
      Reserved spot for next year. June 14 – 20, 2020; 20 scouts; 3 adults.
    • July 27 – Eagle projects for Johnny Ryan and Joseph Babish.
    • August 3 – Scout picnic at Riverside Pavilion; 10 – 2.
      Dessert Contest – prize for the top 3 best tasting desserts
    • August 24 – Watermania
      15 Reservations; filled
      Have one grubmaster, need a second.
      Swim checks are available on Saturday from 2:30 – 4 at Mountain View Aquatics
    • September 9 – Court of Honor (start back to wearing class A uniforms)
    • September 13 – 15 – Backpacking trip
      South Cumberland State Park, Savage Gulf, TN
      15 scouts / 3 adults
      2 nights, 9/13 – night at FLC, depart Saturday 9/14 AM for Savage Gulf and return Sunday 9/15 afternoon.
      (option to camp at church on Friday night for those scouts who need additional nights of camping to make rank)
    • September 16 – PLC meetings
    • September 23 – 27 – Fall Break
    • October 5 – Church picnic (service hours)
      Older scouts needed to help with set up and clean up

  • Meeting Schedule
    • August 19 – create new patrols
    • August 26 – Troop Elections
    • September 9 – Court of Honor (start back to wearing class A uniforms)
    • September 16 – PLC meetings
    • September 23 – 27 – Fall Break
  • Fundraising – Tara Hampton
    • Popcorn – last 2 years boys have not sold any popcorn
      Option available to setup online  account to sell popcorn (no charge for shipping)
    • Looking into selling poinsettias again this year.
      Idea to help sell poinsettias – buy from a scout and donate poinsettia to help decorate the church.
    • T-shirts/Hoodies – should we order to sell to scouts

  • High Adventure Trips
    • Philmont – Mark Fulcher
      Overall the boys had a good trip
      Martha was able to get a refund for the spots we were unable to fill.
      They did not refund the $100 deposit. (the troop is out $200, for the 2 scouts that did not pay their deposit)
      5 were refund for medical excuses and 3 were refunded by the kindness of Philmont
    • Seabase – 2020 scheduled for end of May
    • Northern Tier – 2021?

  • NYLT – DJ, Ethan and Liam completed NYLT

  • Life to Eagle – Chris Hayden
    Scouts need to coordinate project dates with Scout Master.
    Johnny Ryan and Joseph Babish’s projects are scheduled for July 27
    DJ and Jonathan on working on Eagle Project workbook
    Other Life scouts: Phillip, Quintin and Tyler

  • Other Notes
    • Boys suggested a supply of sports equipment – will look for donations from the Troop
    • Chuck box condition – will look into laminating the top of the boxes.

  • Troop Needs
    • Need replacement for Scott/Ken as Unit Treasurer
    • Need replacement for Michele as Committee Secretary
    • Membership Coordinator
    • Friends of Scouting
    • New Parent Coordinator
    • Recruitment Chair
    • Training Coordinator
  • Eagle News
    • Gabe Daniel’s passed his Eagle board of review
    • The following are working towards Eagle: Braden Mizell, Caleb Lorenz, DJ Peyroux, John Ryan, Jonathan Sanderford, Joseph Babish, Phillip Korpi and Tyler Larson