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Committee Meeting, November 2019

Members Present: Nicole John, Chris Hayden, Barbara Gorman, Tara Hampton, Christine Faller, Sarah Blaesing, Roger Brand, Mark Fulcher, Simon LeGood


Merit Badge recap

50 registrants

The online form worked out well – Thanks Simon

$969.75 collected so far, approximately $200 spent to purchase concession and  $150 for Home Repairs supplies

Approximately $600 in profit

Home repair and Automotive Merit Badges sold out

The church is looking to start new financial reporting among the ministries.  Waiting to see what is requested. 

The troop really needs more adult volunteers to help carry the load. 


Donuts – Scout gets $5 per shift, Troop – $0

Camp Cards- $2.00 per card for Scout, $0.50 per card for Troop

Pinestraw – $4.75 per bale – $0.75 per bale for Scout, $0.25 to Troop

Poinsettia – we sold 187 plants this year – last year was 112

Troop earned $203, Scouts wearned $11.23 per shift

Camp card sales will start at the end of January 27, 2020

Church usually purchase 500 – will need to spread in March

Best date will be March 14th to spread- Roger will contact church to schedule. 


Ken Sadeckas will be teaching Tuesday/Thursday for Spring semester – Will be able to attend meetings again in January.  Ken and Bernadette have talked and will work together on treasurer duties.

We received the refund from Philmont and Scott will deposit

37 scouts rechartered this year. 


December lock in – December 6-7  2-3 adults needed for overnight, 6 scouts registered so far.

Escalade January 24, 2020 – need minimum of 20 scouts to receive group discount- 5 signed up so far.

February caving trip – February 14-16

March – Shooting sports at Pickens County Sportsman Club

December 9th – Court of Honor

December 16th – no meeting due to finals week

January 6th– 1st meeting after break

NYLT – no attendees during Thanksgiving and Christmas break

Eagle Status

Jonathan Sandeford – Marietta Aviation Museum – 11-23-19 at 9am

Brayden Mizell- needs a few merit badges, Eagle project complete

Needs to complete paperwork

Caleb Cox – next to work on Eagle

Bregan, Quinton and Phillip are organizing blanket and warm clothing drive- new or gently used clothing, jackets, socks, hat and gloves- all sizes requested.