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Committee Meeting, October 2019

Present: Nicole John, Chris Hayden, Bobby Bradford, Misty Wright, Sarah Blaesing, Barbara Gorman,

Roger Brand, Martha Brand

Christine Faller is getting trained as Pope Pious Religious Emblem.  David Wright has also been approached to be trained as a well.  Maureen Scoggin has been the Religious Emblem coordinator for the Pack and may be interested in helping at the Troop level. 

DJ’d Eagle board is this week.  Bobby and Fred will attend this board.  Eagle Boards now on the 3rd Thursday of each month.


Martha and Misty are working together to complete all the paperwork.  October 23rd the National fee increase will be announced.  Chicken pin due date will be delayed to accommodate. Recharter due November 7th at Roundtable or November 23rd for Recharter Saturday. 

Simon can adjust the recharter fees on the website once the announcement is made.

We will encourage Scouts to participate in fundraising to help offset the new fee increase. 

December Court of Honor – December 9th

Poinsettia Fundraiser has been approved. 

Scott Gee has stopped all treasurer duties.  Ken Sadeckas has taken over as troop treasurer.  Bernadette McAvoy has volunteered to assist with treasurer duties. 

Still waiting on refund from Philmont

Troop has committed to provide meals to families through SVDP


8 scouts and 4 adults from Troop 75 registered to attend

6 Webelos from Pack 417

7 Webelos from Pack 75 

12-13 parents from the Packs

4 grubmasters – Jack Belawske, Keegan Scoggin, Matthew Eldridge, Colin Viets

Purchase 15 headlamps as a gift for the Webelos and maybe mini first aid kit

Wilderness Survival weekend – Simon LeGood and Chris Cox leading this weekend

8-12 scouts registered

Jonathan Sandeford has 3 Merit Badges to complete before December.  Eagle project is approved

18th birthday 12-11-19.

Book Escalade Rock Climbing for January 24th for rock climbing merit badge lock in

$36 per person

February 14-16th Caving trip – Martha will coordinate with her contact from previous trip

March 27-29th – Shooting sports

April 17-19th – COPE at Woodruff

Maybe a canoeing trip in Okefenokee Swamp in FL

Troop 312 at Ebenezer Baptist Church may need support – The Gormans have reached out and waiting to hear back .

NYLT – Jonathan Blaseing on the waiting list for Thanksgiving break

Chuck boxes has been inspected and OK – nothing needed at this point

PLC have met and have planned meeting for the next few months. I t was suggested that the boys spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each meeting to practice knots. 

Sea Base – need to plan travel

Northern Tier – June 11th 2012

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Jonathan’s Eagle Project

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Backpacking At Savage Gulf

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Committee Meeting, August 20, 2019

Troop 75

Committee Meeting, August 20, 2019

The following were in attendance:

Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Martha Brand, Barbara Gorman, Chris Hayden, Simon Legood, Christine Peyrouz, Misty Wright and Michele Salas


  • Outings – Barbara Gorman
    • Sept 13-15 – Backpacking – currently 4 adults and 8 scouts
    • Oct 25-27 – Camporall
    • November 9 – Merit Badge Clinic
      $15 – includes hot dog, chips, drink and cookie (Christine will take of concessions)
      Citizenship in the Nation
      Citizenship in the World
      Automotive Maintenance
      Emergency Preparedness
      Home Repairs
    • Nov 15-17 – Wilderness Survival
    • Dec 6-7 – Lock-in – Poinsettia delivery
    • Jan – Climbing lock-in (Escalade or Stone Summit)
    • Feb 8 – Scout Mass at 5 PM
    • Feb 14-16 – Caving
    • March – Canoeing
  • Scoutmaster
    • August 26 – Elections
    • Sept 7 – ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops) – used to teach scouts with leadership positions about their new roles and how to effectively reach success in that role.
    • Sept 8 – Donut sales after all morning masses – remind scouts this is an opportunity for them to earn money for their scouting activities
    • Sept 9 – Court of Honor
    • End of September/beginning of October – start work on re-chartering
      Recharter is due in November
    • Nov 9-10 – Wilderness First Aid
    • Nov 16 – Atlanta Area Council – Merit Badge University
  • Fundraising – Tara Hampton
    • Sept 8 –  donut/coffee sales at church
    • Selling Poinsettias
      $13 – small
      $23 – large
      Marketing idea – if parishioners do not want to buy for themselves, they may want to purchase poinsettias to help decorate the church. Art & Environment would like to have 25 poinsettias to decorate the church.
      Parishioners who donate their purchase to the church will have their name printed in the bulletin, thanking them for their donation.

  • Trailer/Camping Supplies
    • Equipment and chuck boxes in good condition
    • Bobby has lettering dimensions for adding Eagle Scouts names to trailer
    • Send out email to solicit donations for sports box – frisbees, balls, etc.

  • Staff
    • Bernadette Macavoy may be able to help with Treasurer position
    • Still need to find a Committee Secretary

  • Eagle News
    • The following are working towards Eagle:
      Jonathan Sanderford – Dec b-day – working on Eagle project
      Braden Mizell – Jan b-day
      Caleb Lorenz
      DJ Peyroux – completed Eagle project and all merit badges
      John Ryan – completed Eagle project
      Joseph Babish – completed Eagle project
      Phillip Korpi
      Tyler Larson