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Committee Meeting – August 8, 2018

Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


  • Bobby Bradford
  • Mark Fulcher
  • Roger Brand
  • Kim Korpi
  • Sarah Blaesing
  • Chris Hayden
  • Misty Wright
  • Mary Ellen Yeomans
  • Barbara Gorman
  • Herbie Gorman
  • Tara Hampton
  • Ken Williams

Committee was not aware that a scout from another troop (Gabe Adams) attended Woodruff with our scouts. Scout left camp early due to illness, mother is inquiring about a refund. Mother is also looking for a lost item – red canvas hammock.


Misty Wright will take over the Health/Safety position.

She would also like a Health/Safety helper. Please let her or Bobby Bradford know if you are interested in helping with this position.


Troop training was brought up at the meeting.

Only 35 % of the troop is trained.

60% of the ASMs are trained

2/3 of the Committee members are trained.

Chris Hayden mentioned there is Virtus Training on August 27.

Troop Committee Training available online –


  • Question about the age requirement for ASMs was brought up – do they need to be 21?
    • Per Ken Williams an ASM does not need to be 21.
    • However for all scout events there must be two (2) registered member of the troop present.
  • Question was brought up on whether the by-laws need to be reviewed.
  • Suggestions about the Troop’s website:
    • Website needs to be owned by the Troop
    • Committee Chair and Webmaster should have access to the password.
    • Simon LeGood is the Webmaster.
    • Suggestion that Sarah Blaesing be his back up.
    • Add to the Scribe position the ability for the youth to help with the website – make available digital copies of the merit badge books made available online.
    • Make Committee notes available on the website under Parent’s tab
  • Report from Tara regarding Fundraising
    • Popcorn sales will be done online.
    • Contacted Chick-fil-a for fundraising opportunities, but have not heard back from them.
    • Need to start working on fliers and bulletin entry for Christmas tree sales.
    • Ken Williams indicated we need to submit a fundraising form to the council – provide copy to Tara.
  • Kim Korpi – Blue Cards/Drivers
    • Kelli Tracy provides Kim with a list of available drivers
    • Procedure for becoming a Driver:
      • Parent fills out form with car info/insurance
      • Forms are given to Linda and she sends email to parent to take Virtus training.
  • Troop is in need of a Training Coordinator
  • Upcoming Troop events:
    • August 20 – Family Tubing – evite sent out by Barb Gorman
    • August 27 – Camp Westin – Flour wars
      • Request for Micah Salas be the grub master for the Adults on this campout – approved
    • Camperall is coming up – look at inviting Packs to visit our troop. Available dates for Pack visits are September 17 and October 1.
    • Leadership roles will be announced on Monday, August 20.
    • Voting will be done on Monday, August 27.


Parent/Leader Meeting – July 16, 2018

TROOP 75                                            PARENT/LEADER MEETING                                  July 16, 2018


Concern/Question Response/Action
Adults: What positions are covered/available?  Provide description of each position. Pack leader has shared how they post these to their parents.  Committee (Bobby Bradford) will look at implementing.
Scouts positions:  What are they?

Who’s serving and length of term

Description of positions

Leadership positions and descriptions are in the Scout Handbook.  The terms are six months.

Roger will look at how to post who is serving.

Safety:  Safety of Scouts during breakouts

What in Scout:adult ratio for activities?

Adult supervision is very important going forward.


10:2 for first ten Scouts; rule of thumb is 10:1 for every additional ten Scouts (mandatory, for example, in case of Aquatics.)  Depends on event and maturity of Scouts involved.

For more on safety, please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting:

Roger suggested ASM’s tour other troops to see how they run. Roger has since visited another well-running troop and visited with its seasoned Scoutmaster.
Communication:  Weekly e-mails to parents; details are important.

Send SPL announcements to parents after each meeting.

It may be overwhelming; but it may be necessary for now while the troop settles.

Possible duty for Scribe (Scout) to give to Troop Secretary. Acting SPLs have been sending them out.

Committee Meeting:

Parents would like to be better informed of committee activities.

Parents are invited to attend any/all committee meetings, on the second Wednesday of the month, at 7:30pm, in rm. 107 of the main building.
Parent binders: did newest parents get one from Mary Ellen?  May need updates.  Do we have extras? Mrs. Yeomans did not make copies this year; she was told  that all materials would be posted on the website.  Additionally, some of the information changes frequently and not printing would be economical and environmentally friendly.  She will look again for electronic copies to supply to the Webmaster for posting.  ME has given a hard copy of the latest version to Roger.
Scout Accounts? Per Bobby at meeting, bylaws state:  Scout accounts aren’t “returned” but must be spent and reimbursed.
MB Counselor list on Website for parents/Scouts to have access.  Maybe include paper copy in binder? Especially now, list of MB counselors is fluid; we have some leaving and more registering.  Kim Korpi will bring a list to each meeting.  Scouts should be encouraged to ask her for input.


Merit Badge University — October 13th 2018

Merit Badge University is a quality Merit Badge program that helps Scouts learn about different
fields of knowledge. By recruiting experienced professional counselors, Scouts receive an unparalleled experience. It’s hosted on the beautiful Kennesaw State University Marietta campus, giving Scouts a great opportunity to experience a college atmosphere.

The $15 registration fee includes breakfast as well as program materials for most classes with only a
few exceptions. A few classes may have additional fees or may run slightly longer than the event schedule. You will be notified of any of these exceptions by the instructor after you register.

For more information please CLICK HERE.

Troop/Pack/Crew 75 Picnic July 28th 2018

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Flag Retirement July 20th 2018

Cold Weather Camping Checklist

Use this list along with your regular campout checklist when planning for cold weather camping or outdoor activity.


  • synthetic ski cap or wool cap that covers the ears- wear at night to sleep in (Required)
  • long sleeve pajamas with pajama pants or warm long underwear, tops and bottoms or sweatpants and sweatshirt (Required)
  • warm long sleeve shirt (Required)
  • warm sweatshirt or jacket or hoodie to layer (Required)
  • windproof jacket (ski jacket, parka) – optional
  • raincoat or poncho (be sure it fits over the jacket) or a rainproof coat
  • warm pants (synthetic material that sheds water is the best) (Required)
  • snow pants or ski pants to wear over regular pants if you have them – optional
  • wool or synthetic material socks (wear two or three pair at once) and several spare pairs.  If cotton socks are all you have, pack several pairs so that they can be changed when wet. (at least 4 pairs of socks are Required)
  • boots or hiking shoes, loose fitting and waterproof – optional
  • mittens or gloves, several pairs, preferably waterproof or water resistant (at least 1 pair Required)
  • spare long underwear or long sleeve top and sweatpants and socks to change into at bedtime (and wear the next day) (Required)

Sleeping Gear

  • sleeping bag and blanket liner or extra blanket(s) for inside sleeping bag (Required)
  • Insulated pad (or two) to put under the sleeping bag (foam rubber, air mattress, etc.) (Required)

Personal Equipment

  • flashlight that works and has new batteries (Required)
  • personal first aid kit
  • plastic bag to set wet boots on in tent at night
  • backpack or daypack to hold a few personal gear items
  • throw-away hand warmers (can be purchased at Wal-Mart or K Mart for a few dollars) – optional


Winter clothing in the outdoors is best worn in layers.  The clothing works best if several light layers are worn to start the day and then scouts can remove one or two layers as the day progresses.  Layers can be put back on at night as the temperature lowers and activity decreases.

All personal gear should be packed in the backpack.  Oversize sleeping bag, extra blankets can be separate but should be wrapped in plastic trash bag or waterproof bag.

Winter camping and outdoor activities require extra gear, but most of the gear scouts already have at their homes.

When/Where do we meet?

Troop 75 meets Monday nights at 7:30 pm in the Family Life Center at Transfiguration Catholic Church (1815 Blackwell Road, Marietta Ga. 30066).

Introducing the Interim Scoutmaster

As the Scoutmaster for Troop 75 at the Catholic Church of the Transfiguration in Marietta, I would like to thank you for your interest in Scouting and our Troop and welcome you to visit us at one of our Monday night meetings and consider joining us on our adventures.
Troop 75 is 36 years old, and this year we have renewed our commitment to running a Scout-led, adult-mentored, top-notch program.  Our Scouts are genuinely excited to be given the opportunity to lead, the adult support to plan, and the tools to grow within all that Scouting BSA has to offer.  Our annual programs have typically included – in addition to Camporall, Camporee, and Summer Camp – caving, water sports, backpacking, camping, merit badge clinics, and a high adventure trip (Northern Tier this past June, Philmont the next!)  We also support our Scouts’ participation in NYLT (leadership development camp) every summer and encourage them to earn the religious awards for whatever faith they profess.  Finally, our Scouts participate in several fund-raising activities each year, from the AAC’s camp card sales, to our own Christmas Tree sales, among others.  Troop 75 supports and encourages the Scouts to go as far as they desire in the program, including the rank of Eagle Scout (and palms beyond!) if that’s what they strive for; we are all about helping the Scouts become the best people they can be, grounded in our shared Scout Oath and Law.  Our Scouts come from a variety of schools, churches, counties, and backgrounds, and we’re sure to have a place for your Scouts.  For more information on Troop 75, please feel free to check out the rest of our website or contact one of our leaders.  Our calendar on this site is updated regularly to indicate our meeting times and future outings.  I hope to meet each of you soon!
Roger Brand

10 Essential Items for Camping

Any time a Scout goes on a camping trip or hike, he should always be prepared by
carrying the following ten essential items in his pack. These essentials will allow a
scout to survive in the outdoors in most emergency situations.
  1. Pocketknife (when you complete Totin’ Chip training)
  2. First aid kit
  3. Extra clothing
  4. Rain gear
  5. Water bottle (1 liter)
  6. Flashlight or headlamp
  7. Trail food
  8. Matches/Fire starter (when you complete Firem’n Chit training)
  9. Sun protection
  10. Map and compass
Recommendation beyond the Ten:
  • Insect repellant
  • Toilet paper (small roll)
  • Whistle