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Meeting Notes (Committee and Parent Meetings)

Committee Meeting- October 15, 2018

Troop 75 Committee Meeting, October 15, 2018   The following were in attendance: Ken Williams, Bobby Bradford, Roger Brand, Michele Salas, Barbara Gorman, Sarah Blaesing, Nicole John, Mary Ellen Yeomans, Chris Hayden, and Misty Wright Reports: Outings – Barbara Gorman Orienteering at Sope Creek – Sunday, October 21st 2-6pm. Located off Paper Mill (GPS COORDINATES […]

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Committee Meeting – August 8, 2018

Committee Meeting Wednesday, August 8, 2018 Attendees: Bobby Bradford Mark Fulcher Roger Brand Kim Korpi Sarah Blaesing Chris Hayden Misty Wright Mary Ellen Yeomans Barbara Gorman Herbie Gorman Tara Hampton Ken Williams Committee was not aware that a scout from another troop (Gabe Adams) attended Woodruff with our scouts. Scout left camp early due to […]

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Parent/Leader Meeting – July 16, 2018

TROOP 75                                            PARENT/LEADER MEETING                                  July 16, 2018   Concern/Question Response/Action Adults: What positions are covered/available?  Provide description of each position. Pack leader has shared how they post these to their parents.  Committee (Bobby Bradford) will look at implementing. Scouts positions:  What are they? Who’s serving and length of term Description of positions Leadership positions […]

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Troop Committee meeting on 7/11/2018

Notes from Troop Committee meeting on 7/11/2018 Mark – Set expectations on a “new” goal for the troop. To be a boy run troop that allows them to grow and develop into eagles. Mark – announced Rodger as interim scout master for next week. Group – Discussed that a few of the kids are stepping […]

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