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PayPal Payments

Please use the PayPal Widget below or the Friends and Family option to make a payment. If using the below PayPal Widget below a 3% convenience fee will be included in the payment. Each payment will be a separate transaction if using the below widget.

If you have a custom payment amount or would like to combine payments, or wish not to pay the fee please use the friends and family option via PayPal and this email address: 

Payment opitions which include the 3% PayPal fee when using the website:

Summer Camp charges:

  1. Full payment due March 1st- $395 + 3%= $406.85
  2. Month payments due Feb 8th, Mar 1st, May 17th- $132 + 3%= $135.96

Recharter Costs:

  1. First scout in a family: $135 + 3% fee= $139.05 total  
  2. Additional scouts in the same family: $120 + 3% fee= $123.60 
  3. Current Eagle Scouts: $80 + 3% fee= $82.40
  4. Adult Leaders: $42 + 3% fee= $43.26
  5. Crossover Scouts with current BSA dues: $49.95 + 3% fee=$51.50

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Other Amount:
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