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Troop Committee meeting on 7/11/2018

Notes from Troop Committee meeting on 7/11/2018

  • Mark – Set expectations on a “new” goal for the troop. To be a boy run troop that allows them to grow and develop into eagles.
  • Mark – announced Rodger as interim scout master for next week.
  • Group – Discussed that a few of the kids are stepping away from the troop including the SPL (Scorpio), several are willing to step up and fill in where needed.
  • Group – discussed some of the issues in the past with eagles not being allowed to mentor the younger scouts.
  • Motion to “regroup” the patrols starting in September – Motion passed
    • Question about new scouts – Will new scouts have their own patrol for the first year?
    • Answer/Preference from Mark – Would prefer to group them with older scouts and then do breakouts for younger scouts as needed.
  • James Blessing – expressed concerns with the younger scouts and how they have not previously been included with the older scouts, and that we need to keep in mind that we need to be mindful of that during the integration process.
    • Mark spoke to the concern and explained how them being involved with the older scouts is extremely beneficial.
  • Who are the current ASMs?
    • Unknown – there are several that have not formal announced that they are leaving, but Mark and Bobby have not polled everyone as of this meeting.
  • How is this going to be discussed with the boys?
    • Idea is that Rodger (Acting Scout Master) will speak with the boys and give them an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Question – Are we still moving forward with the outings that are currently on the calendar?
    • Yes – we will continue to move forward, we have enough leaders to cover what is needed for currently planned trips/lock ins.
  • Discussed outings and how it would be nice to see not only the next 120 days but also to be able to see a 3 year plan penciled in with outings that we normally do certain months (June – woodruff, march – Webelo woods)
  • Concerns about planning for Filmont trip this year.
    • We will start prepping the boys, however starting in January.
  • Concerns about how we are going to present this to the boys and what the plan is for the next few months.
  • Committee members are the only ones that can-do boards of review. Non-ASMs not all parents are committee members.
  • No Bullying – refer to YPT
  • All leaders and parents must take YPT because it is new and must be completed prior to October or leaders will be dropped.
  • All equipment belongs to the Charter organization not individuals or to the unit.
  • Scouting is co-ed and females can be ASMs
  • If a parent wants to attend an outing more than 72 hours they must be a registered adult with the BSA.
  • Need people to signup for Donuts and Coffee.
  • Mark’s phone number – 404-784-2797 –